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They finally announced my next film! I'm directing a Looney Tunes Streaming Feature at Warner Bros. Expect an homage to the classics - not just to Looney Tunes animation but also Broadway musicals. Everyone on this team has a huge respect for the shorts that put these characters on the map. It's time to show a new generation why Bugs and the gang are timeless while at the same time doing what the medium of animation and Looney Tunes do best: musical numbers! Side note: It's absolutely freeing to create this in the medium of its origins: 2-D!



I had a lot of fun working on this one. I went from a deep emotional story about dealing with grief, on Vivo, to a beloved video game franchise from mine and my children's childhoods. It was very clear from the start that these directors knew what they were making and were just out to have fun with the material. I've been getting nothing but positive feedback from those that have seen it!

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